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Pushing the Definition of Possible, Since 1962

Founded in 1962, Altemose began as General Contractors Co, a joint venture between cousins Roger and Leon Altemose. Finding most construction at the time daunting and stagnant, the two set out to create something different. A company that put customers first, which helped first-time builders and seasoned veterans of industry alike in creating the perfect space for them, with both unique character, and competitive pricing.

Since its inception, Altemose has grown considerably, now spanning multiple industries of operation from real estate management and acquisition, to design-build programs, to the commercial/industrial contracting that started it all. No matter what the need, from large business to small, Altemose remains the one-stop solution for all construction and building needs. And while many things have changed since 1962, our mission is not one of them. To this day, we strive to achieve the highest quality of construction, elegant design, and understanding customer support.



Few builders can claim specialties in multiple fields. Altemose can claim over 50, and counting! We have build a little of everything, including pipeline, bridges, churches, retail stores, exhibit halls, industrial, municipal, residential, and emergency disaster relief.


We believe there is more to a building. It is about creating something with character, and function. Something that defines your brand, and helps it grow and thrive. Altemose is there every step of the way, from finding the perfect site, to managing the building down the line.


We are dedicated to our ethos:

  • Dignity in Design
  • Quality Construction
  • Commitment to budget Control
  • Professional Integrity

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Providing Space for Businesses to Grow

No Matter the Size, We Can Help

One of the most challenging parts of running a business is finding a place that meets your needs, both in function and location. And when the budget is tight, custom fabrication and ownership is often not an option. To help address this, Altemose owns and manages several industrial/commercial buildings where we lease space to businesses of all kinds.

What Sets Us Apart

Business owners have enough to worry about. When you lease space from Altemose, we manage the building, handle your upkeep and maintenance, and offer high-quality construction to help you make your space your own. Whether you need clean rooms, laboratories, office space, or manufacturing, we will get you up and running.

Ideal Locations for Continued Growth

Our spaces are strategically located in some of the hottest commercial areas in eastern Pennsylvania. Rich in pharmaceutical and scientific, manufacturing, and financial industries, and close to Philadelphia, New York, and other major cities, we are positioned to help you grow.

“Altemose worked with us when nobody else would. When we were not sure what we needed, they stepped in and gave us the resources we needed to be successful.”



Altemose has been dedicated to protecting the environment since its founding. One of our first land acquisitions was a parcel of contaminated land, which we cleaned and restored to safe conditions. To this day, we commit to create minimal impact to natural ecosystems and limit waste.


You don’t get to become one of the mid-Atlantic’s largest contractors without establishing a good network. Our subcontractors are some of the best in the business, committed to our standard of professionalism, craftsmanship, and dedication. They reflect us, and vise versa.


We are always working on something at Altemose. While we do not always know what projects will come our way, we always are looking forward to the challenge. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you!

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